White Male Power vs the Other

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Thomas King’s story, “‘You’ll Never Believe What Happened’ Is Always a Great Way To Start”, " Race, Class and Gender in Asian America" by Yen Le Espiritu and " Zebra: Growing up Black and White in Canada" by Lawrence Hill all illustrate how people of minority deal with their intersectionality of gender, race and ethnicity and their limitations that the dominant ideology of the west puts on them.


Since the beginning of time stories were a major influence in the ways generations would pass down knowledge to the younger generations. The power of stories and storytelling teaches individuals valuable lessons and good morals that help mold them into reasonable citizens. In western society children are exposed to
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Even though that was not the case, the employer in this case is a man and has a bias against women, so he decides to use that as an excuse so his sexism will never be caught. As in a global perspective some parts in the world like Afghanistan women do not have the right to vote and their place in society is to take care of the family. As a way of overcoming this obstacle in western society is to educate more individuals that this is happening so individuals will want to protest for change to their government. So the governments can get involved and implant rules based on equality for men and women in managerial positions. That will ultimately start the process of less inequality likely to happen in the work environment.

King’s mother deals with her ethnicity, as it is a major part in her intersectionality. Her skin colour was always a reminder in the story as it is constantly reminded those individuals of minority, “White was more than just a colour” (King, 2) King’s mothers intersectionality provides readers insight that the stories and the experiences she goes through may be different than another person because her intersectionality of race, gender, and ethnicity may different than another person.

Through the words of Thomas King, he teaches his readers “Stories can control lives, for there is a part of me that has never been able to move past
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