White Males And The American Writers

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In this nature writing course and in all my literature courses there haven’t been many African American writers represented. This isn’t because they don’t exist, but because the more commonly known writers have the attributes of being more respected, and are widely accepted writers in American literature, who majority of the time are white males like Thoreau and Leopold. These are just examples, and they are good writers but there are also good African American writers that deserve just as much representation when teaching college courses. There’s a greater choice of writers besides having the same works of authors we’ve already read throughout our experience in studying literature. There needs to be a better variety of cultures represented in literature, white males shouldn’t always be the most read and studied authors in public institutions. Minorities should be represented too, especially African American writers since they played such a great role in the American history, and endured so much oppression from the society they’ve lived in. In this course, Nature Writing at metropolitan University, we had a variety of different races, but the Black race didn’t get the representation they deserved. There was a writing titled, “from a black boy” by Wright, and it wasn’t a good representation of Black writers in America. I remember reading it and questioning what I just read; because it didn’t have any emotion or deeper meaning like most the other readings we studied. In
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