White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Introduction The basis of this project is formed by ‘White Nights’, a short novella written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in 1848, Russia. I first came across Dostoyevsky when I saw the Hindi film ‘Saawariya’, based on ‘White Nights’ in 2007. Although I couldn’t sit through more than half the movie, the story intrigued me and introduced me to Dostoyevsky. White Nights, told in first person by a nameless narrator, is divided into six sections, with five of them taking place at night. In the ‘First Night’, the narrator describes his experiences in the streets of St. Petersburg; he describes his relationship with a young girl called Nastenka and how he comes across his first real friend. In the ‘Second Night’, he explains to Nastenka his dreams and how he is a dreamer. At the end of his speech, Nastenka assures him of his friendship. ‘Nastenka’s Story’, as the title suggests describes her relationship with her grandmother and the lodger who left with the promise of returning in a year to marry her. Here the dreamer finds out the Nastenka is as lonely as he is. In the ‘Third Night’, the dreamer realizes that despite his efforts to keep their friendship platonic, he has fallen in love with her. The dreamer, despairing due to the unrequited nature of his love for her, notes that he has now begun to feel alienated from her as well. In the ‘Fourth Night’, the dreamer confesses his love for her, and she despairing the absence of her lover says that she could grow to love him. They
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