White Noise By Don Delillo Essay

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Don DeLillo throughout White Noise confirms through his characters that the individual is capable of expressing feelings instantaneously, but for the most part are calculated in their actions, and give off a façade. With the vast use of characters, from Jack Gladney to the nun, we can take a closer look at the individuals in the world filled with white noise. There is truly the possibility for human kind to be honest down to the bone, for instance what Gladney expresses love for his children, even the stepchildren. Although this possibility is true, people still talk and do things against their emotions, or preference. People take on facades, and take part in the things they don’t believe in order to find an identity of their own. This identity crisis is enhanced by societal factors, and the influence of media with technology. Thus mankind in White Noise is incapable of expressing their true selves, without conflicting with their external image. It boils down to this, the emotions of the individuals are very much true, but are not surfaced, rather they hide behind an image that is displayed to keep the people around them content. Once the image is erased, or no longer relevant, then the character becomes insignificant. Thus all that exists for the society of White Noise is what we are incredulous of, that becomes their reality. Commencing the analysis of this we can start with Jack Gladney the college professor, that specializes in Hitler studies. Jack is the perfect

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