White Noise Is A Post Modernist Novel

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White Noise is a post-modernist novel that follows the life of a man named Jack and his family as they experience various events in their lives. In the novel, names are simulacra, both of which are viewpoints in which characters interpret and navigate the world around them. But there are many instances in the book where having unchanging or specific names or, in other words, simulacra have presented problems for various characters in the book. Likewise, having views that are too placid will also cause issues. Fortunately, White Noise does offer a solution to both of these conundrums. White Noise teaches readers that although it is perfectly fine to have one’s version of reality that is stable, it is crucial to remain flexible and fluid enough so that in times that version of reality does not match up with what one is experiencing, one will be able to easily modify it. Along with each simulacrum’s inherent flaws, another cause for the difficulty of naming things is that there are competing interpretations of simulacra. For instance, in White Noise, Jack’s world view is constantly being questioned, which he makes apparent through internal dialogue and in conversations he has with various characters throughout the novel. For example, Jack’s daughters, Denise and Steffie, have a conversation about the nature of a UFO and the positions of cities and mountains. Jack is taken back by their discussion. He considers that Denise’s argument “might be right” (224). He wrestles back
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