White Oak Bayou: Case Study

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As previously mentioned in Section 1, Project Area #2 is located along White Oak Bayou on the Northwest corner of the 610 North Loop within the City’s Wastewater Collection Basin known as Basin No. IA041. Within this wastewater collection basin, a portion of the sanitary flows are conveyed from the eastern side of White Oak Bayou to major collection sewers located on the western side via three (3) siphon crossings beneath the bayou. This project is specifically concern with the most northern of the three siphon crossings. At this location, the siphon crossing consist of two cast-iron pipes (6-inch and 8-inch diameter) that cross White Oak Bayou just north of highway 610 North Loop. The influent manhole for siphon
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The siphons are designed to convey sanitary flows from a neighborhood subdivision located on the eastern side of White Oak Bayou to the western side of the bayou where the flows enter a 48-inch diameter truck line wastewater collection sewer that flows north to south. This area is of concern due to historical sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) that have occurred from manholes located on the eastern side of the White Oak Bayou at this location. The City has long suspected that the siphons are a significant contributing factor in the occurrences of the SSOs from this area. For this reason, IMS Engineers, Inc. (IMS) was tasked with providing an assessment and evaluation of the existing siphons and making recommendations for improvements (if any). This section of the PER provides the findings and recommendations with the potential of eliminating future SSOs on the upstream side of the siphons (i.e. eastern side); as well as, the results of our evaluation of existing hydraulic capacities of the siphons and associated sewers. Finally, the PER has identified three alternatives as potential solutions for this project area, each is discussed in more detail in later sections of the report; however, in order to place into context the following assessments and likely impacts to the project, one must understand what these
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