White Paper Portfolio Analysis

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I collaborated with Ryan and Michael to work on this white paper portfolio. It is not easy to complete the white papers even though we have been working together for several times. Initially, we conducted research on 3 different products- self-driving cars, Google glass and Alpha Go. We put our comments on each items on Google doc so it can be shared and revised in real time. It was a really good start. It did not take a long time for us to reach an agreement on writing the self-driving cars. The most effective part of the work is building the content for the first white papers as Ryan is an expert in automobile and he did most of the writing. Michael also contributed a lot to the second white papers. I am responsible for the visual design and writing the second half of the white paper on white paper. We set up a meeting after spring break, which helps us get most of the work done (80%). Meeting face-to-face is an effective way of…show more content…
I am not familiar with this topic so I have nothing much to say even though I am only responsible for writing the conclusion. I have been quite inefficient in writing papers for a long time so this would definitely be something I need to prioritize in the next project. I also realized that our first draft of white paper did not meet the homework requirements the day before turning on our homework. I contributed to restructuring the content, adding scholarly sources and creating graphs without the assistance from my teammates. But this could have been avoided if we read through the requirements thoroughly and ensure every member is informed at the beginning. I am responsible for this mistake because I am too relying on my teammates. So taking the initiatives to learn about the requirements, to share the workload with teammates and to communicate more frequently are things that I need to pay attention to in the
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