White People And Native Americans

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During history, white settlers and the U.S. government did not always have the best of relationships. Many wars were fought, and many lives were lost from both sites. The U.S. government and white settlers has had negative attitudes toward the Native Americans. Native Americans were not seen as equal to white people, so white settlers and U.S. government did not treat them fairly. The United States government also tried assimilation as a solution to their “Native American problem.”
The relationship of the Americans and the Native Americans at the beginning were rocky. Many Americans thought that they had a “God-given right” to spread their culture to the whole world. Native Americans would receive negative effects from this idea of many Americans had. Native Americans had a very different culture to Americans, this made the Americans think Native Americans were not civilized and that they were savages. It also didn’t help that during the gold rush, a way to get to the “goldfield of California”(459) and many places with gold was to get through the land of Native Americans. That adds another factor to the equation of reasons to oppress the Native Americans. So the “theories of racial superiority”(459) of many Americans and the land Native Americans had that white settlers feel like they should own, is a recipe for the growing tensions of the United States government with the Native Americans. This would soon lead with many wars between the two sides.
The U.S. government has
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