White Picket Fence Society

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I believe in not planting trees. No, not in the sense which would deprive us from oxygen, rather to stop planting trees to mask the image of industry. We mow them down and then plant them again. Not the ones that naturally grow there, but those that come from a far away land in order to form the illusion of the “White Picket Fence Society”, which is obviously a place that values diversity.

Our world is encompassed by trees. I live in a part of suburbia where it is required to have a tree in the middle of your lawn: this is to enforce the uniformity all suburbs have. The end mission of this being to have every individual conform to the idea of the perfect person and for them to become that idea. Even though we keep on trying, man-made houses won’t ever blend in with nature. It’s ironic though. For us to all have the same houses. Covered in an absurd amount of costly vegetation. With the same exact person living in every part of the city. Except not every person is the same. We all have our own issues, but
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From the change of a voice to ensure someone of a lie, to the application of more makeup to hide the visible and non visible bruises or the extravagant packaging we wrap ourselves in an attempt to fit in. There is a part of every person that is deemed unacceptable or wrong, however it's not worth harming yourself to give others comfort. It’s all a lie because showing an ounce of truth isn’t acceptable. Vulnerability is a weakness and those who are weak won’t make it out. This deception has created a numbness within society, so when someone is honest, they are considered brave. That’s like saying a fat girl in a swimsuit is brave. No one should be required to be brave in order to show who they are. Bravery is required when a person is faced with a frightening situation and no person should ever be scared of any part of
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