White Power, Black Crime, And Racial Politics

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White power, Black Crime, and Racial Politics
Racial profiling has been in existence for many years. One defines racial profiling as a method law enforcement agencies use to determine whether a person may be a suspect of a criminal act. “Racial profiling and racial discrimination against blacks in criminal justice administration can date back into the late 1600’s.” (Staples 2011) This is when the court officials in Philadelphia authorized the police to take up any “Negro” seen “gadding about” without a pass from his or her master”
One case of police brutality and profiling is the incidents that happen to Dr. the According to Robert Staples, “Gates’s assertion that he was mistreated because he was black is historically accurate, as whites and blacks have had different historical experiences within the criminal justice system.” For an extensive period of time, the criminal justice system did not offer protection to African-American.
According to Robert Staples, “Racial profiling should be viewed instead as the systemic, historic, and lived experiences of black being controlled and punished by the police and a criminal justice system that exercise incredible latitude and bias, as a result of implicit bias among a majority-white public that condones and rationalizes this treatment. The case of Gates brought attention to how the treatment persists and how quickly the media and political forces move to divert attention from the true nature of racial profiling in order to maintain…
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