White Privilege And White Skin Privilege

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Privilege refers to the unearned advantages enjoyed by a particular group simply because of membership in that group. Privileges accrue to those who (consciously or not) oppress others and are generally invisible to those who enjoy them (Swigonski, M.E. 1996). Having that in mind my position on white privilege (or white skin privilege) which can also be called the huge “pink elephant” in the room. Society (especially now) believe that America have advanced past racism when in all actuality we still have a long way to go. People in our society can go through life without knowing about white privilege or realizing they themselves, may have this privilege. The white or lighter skin color of a person has automatic benefits, right from birth, them not ever having to do anything to attain this privilege. The consequences are mostly good and outweigh the bad, for the ones that have white privilege. However, skin that is not white has far more injustices, they are oppressed and they are the ones that suffer, not having this same privilege (King, M.T. 2009). I do believe the only difference between racism and 2016 as compared to 1960 is the law civil laws enacted caused white Americans to construct more subtle ways of displaying racist behaviours. In doing this assignment not only did I read what the author stated about white
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