White Privilege Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack Summary

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In Peggy McIntosh’s, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” she introduces the topic of privilege from the point of view of a women in a world designed to favor men. She sees that men acknowledge the fact that women are disadvantaged but are unable to admit that they themselves have higher power. This denial of power is what creates the gap between men and women and is a clear stepping stone to her primary point of white privilege. The problem does not lie in the existence of white privilege but more so in the validation that is given to it. To be oblivious to this privilege is what gives it power to aid the white population, while simultaneously crippling other minority groups. She goes on to state that realizing there is hierarchy is the first step to systematically taking it down. This however has to start by finding where the problem originates. Peggy illuminates to the origin of white privilege which, for the most part, has been taught from an early age that they are the normal standard of a person and that benefiting others will help them achieve that neutral point. This aids to the oblivious nature of their own advantages due to it being instilled at a young age. She goes on to list a few ways this privilege is used that collectively make an impactful difference. These instances of white privilege go unseen every day due to not wanting to come to the realization that meritocracy is a myth. The first step is to see that this privilege exists and from then

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