White Privilege in My Career Essay

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Ms. McIntosh made a particularly resonant statement about halfway through her essay; “my skin color was an asset for any move I was educated to want to make.” I have always been free to move around the country, to make my own choices, own my independence and enjoy the freedom of my liberation. Considerations she includes on her list of privileges never actively entered into my decision making process. I was always able to find suitable housing and employment and educational opportunities to advance myself in anyway I decided. This made me wonder if in fact I had earned through merit and achievement all I believe I have to date.

When I married and had a child, it was a simple proposition to purchase a home, a car, get a job with a large corporation, and start a retirement account. My company was acquired in a hostile takeover just prior to my sixth year of employment. Citigroup closed Salomon’s offices in Tampa along with other locations in midtown Manhattan. All fifteen hundred employees in my office received three months’ notice and a generous severance package. I was able to find and choose from lucrative promotional job offers from other securities companies in NYC and San Francisco based on the skills and experience I had gained during my tenure at Salomon Brothers.

The selection process for the initial placement at Salomon was extremely competitive. The group I was hired in was the third hiring wave. There were five hiring waves over the two-year period the…