White Rhinoceros Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered about the White Rhinoceros? Me to, lets find out about it's food, appearance, and family! “I think it's a man cub.”- Rocky the Rhino 1895 First, the diet of a White Rhinoceros. The White Rhinoceros is a herbivore (meaning it only eats plants), it's food is mainly short grasses. Where does it find it's food? Well it's food is in African grasslands and savannas. Next up, the appearance, let's find out what it looks like! The White Rhinoceros is actually gray. It has two horns, the front horn is thirty seven to seventy nine inches long, while on the other hand the back horn is only twenty two inches long. The White Rhinoceros can weigh from 3,747.86-7,936.64lbs! So HEAVY!!! The can be up to 6.069554ft!! Actually,
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