White Show Research Paper

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According to Albert Shanker (1993), it is not possible to compare student achievements in public and private schools. However, it is popular belief that students who attend private schools are more equipped for college or the workforce. Also, there is some debate that public schools should rise up to the standards of private schools. In my opinion, the only difference between public and private schools is prestige. Not all public schools are the same, but the Americans need to start challenging the public education system. Therefore, the concept of my show is very relevant to the issues in our society. In order to gain attention, the name of the show needs to pop. It does not have to be overly complicated or confusing, but it needs to have a unique phrase that is relatable and perhaps controversial. The title of the show is Underprivileged and I believe that it fits the entire concept of the series.…show more content…
Many Americans confuse race and culture and perhaps that is the reason why television stations continue to produce shows that are filled with stereotypes. Harry Walters believes that many blacks feel as if new “black” shows often portray the cliché roles for blacks (1993). Thus, it is important to break barriers and show Americans the true reality of the African Americans and the education system. It is evident that not all blacks suffer from the public education system, but in some small towns, children are being disserved by their teachers and administrators. Additionally, blacks are not the only group of people who experience this due to the fact that poverty has no color or race. Race does play a huge role in an education system, but class and money outweighs everything. In order to prove this point, there needs to be a seemingly privileged black girl in Underprivileged so the viewers can become open minded about the social status and
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