White Student Achievement

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Many quantitative studies highlight a striking gap in academic achievement based on test scores, GPAs, graduation rates, and even college attendance between minority students and white students. According to mass data collected from American schools and universities by the National Library Index, Black minorities applying to college had GPAs .31 points, on average, lower than the national. Hispanics were .14 points below the national (library index 2016). Additionally, minorities were also found to have not had access to advanced preparatory classes that many white students took before college;
“Asian-American students proved the exception—65% of Asian-American college-bound seniors took physics, 62% took precalculus, and 44% took calculus.
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According to a study by a team of researchers at the University of Albany, 19% to 21% of white students with student loans defaulted (failed to pay on time), whereas, 33% to 56% of African Americans defaulted (Volwein et al. 1998: 216). The report cites loans and especially loan defaults as a source of extreme stress and pressure to succeed that often detract from academic achievement instead of aiding it (Volkwein et al. 1998). This is evident in the data provided by the United States Board of Education that showed black students GPA (2.47 average) to be .41 points lower than the white student average of 2.88 (2009). Interestingly, even those who do perform similarly to their white counterparts are less likely to reap the benefits of their success. A research team at Georgetown University found, “Among African-American and Hispanic college students who score more than 1200 out of the possible 1600 points on the SAT/ACT, 57% eventually get a certificate, an Associate’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree or better; for white students the percentage rises to 77%” (VerBruggen 2013: 1). This statistic, along with all others from the quantitative side of literature on this issue, blatantly point out the disparity in access to academic resources, academic performance before and during college, stress caused by student loans, and opportunities following college between white and minority
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