White Supremacy In African Americans

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Race refers to a group of persons who are different from other groups due to their alleged genetic and physical traits. On one hand, racism is the preconception that members of a certain race are prime than individuals of other races. In America, white supremacy is the belief that whites are superior to others. White supremacy took different forms, such as colonialism, slavery, and apartheid and has led to institutional racism. Members of minority races, particularly African Americans, have experienced institutional racism in both political and social institutions in many forms including discrimination in health care, employment, incarceration rates, housing, education, and politics. On the other hand, racial worldview entails declaring oneself to be superior over…show more content…
They included the G.I bill, the war on drugs, and the suburban shift. The G.I. bill, which was passed in 1944, provided numerous benefits to World War II veterans. This bill aimed to assist returning veterans by offering them benefits, such as financial aid to pursue education, low-cost mortgages, and low-interest loans so that they could conform to civilian life. However, many African American veterans did not profit from this bill like their White Americans counterparts. Although the bill did not explicitly advocate racial discrimination, it was interpreted differently for both races and it somehow simulated the Jim Crow laws. For example, mortgage agencies and banks refused to lend loans to African American veterans after they returned from war, making them face poverty (page 308). The war on drugs has been viewed as a discriminatory process because it has led to the captivity of more Africans Americans than slavery. American prisons house more African Americans due to discriminatory mandatory sentencing and misguided drug laws since the drug war began in the 1970s (page
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