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The purpose of the assignment is to determine if Interactive White Boards enhance teaching and learning for teachers and their students. According to research, two-thirds of all teachers feel they are not at all prepared to incorporate technology into their teaching. This is a distressing discovery because this means that sixty-six percent of our teachers, who we rely on for intellectual leadership, and forthcoming high-tech comprehension, are not at all technologically embellished. The comforting fabrication that we tell ourselves is that we are coming into a new era where technologically debilitated teachers will soon be retiring, and will be replaced by youthful, technologically literate educators. However, recent surveys have found that young teacher’s self-assessment of their ability to teach with technology showed no sign of improvement from
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Do you believe you are able to learn better when a whiteboard is used in the classroom?
“Students who responded affirmatively mentioned that they felt they learned better because the visual aspects of the whiteboard made it easier to understand what the teacher was teaching. They also mentioned that, when the teacher used the whiteboard, the lessons were much more interesting. For example, one student stated, “It makes me pay attention to the teacher more. When the teacher just stands up there and talks, I get easily distracted (Beeland Jr., 2001).”

3. Does having the opportunity to touch and interact with the board affect your learning? Why or why not?

“All students responding to this question, except one, mentioned that the use of touch affected their learning in a positive way. One student stated, “Yes, I get into learning when it’s hands-on. When I just listen, I don’t understand as well.” Other students mentioned that touching the board made their learning experiences more fun and interesting. One student did comment, “It really doesn’t do anything. I still learn about the same (Beeland Jr.,
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