Whiteness And Whiteness

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The European colonization not only marked a new era for the United States in terms of expanding its territory, but it also brought superiority and privilege to “white” people. After their arrival to U.S., the European settlers established themselves as superior because they were white.
The concept of “whiteness” is a social construct used as a hierarchical method to give privilege to a group of people in society and to oppress and discriminate against people who do not belong to that group (Battalora, 2013). It is very relevant to learn about what “whiteness” brought to the United States in the past, how that oppressed and marginalized Latino Americans and how this still prevalent today.
Historically, the United States has operated under the premises of white superiority, affecting minority groups socially, economically and culturally. As noted by Goodman (2011), “The privileged group creates systems and structures that reflect its values, embodies characteristics, and advances its interests” (p. 16). In other words, dominant groups create institutions, policies, and laws that favor the ideology of such group. Unfortunately, Latinos, like other minority groups in the U.S., have been directly affected by this dynamic. The criminal justice system has been one of the institutions that have historically targeted and criminalized Latinos, mostly young males. Criminalization disproportionately affects “brown” communities in comparison to white neighborhoods.
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