Whiteness Case Studies

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From Kate’s statement we can see that she is white to the Census, but socially she is not white because society represents whiteness as of European decent. She personally identifies the advantages that white people are given and she is not, even though she technically is white. Kate’s personal statement further mimics’ the 1923 Thind case in which the federal government identifies that whiteness is a social standard that cannot be achieved unless from European descent. Although the federal government no longer exclusively identifies whites as European descendants, socially white is defined as of European descent, and Kate recognizes this. Anne, a black woman, is in constant reminder of her racial differences to the white majority. Throughout her life, Anne was not deemed aware…show more content…
I analyzed that four of the six (67%) respondents lived in a predominately white community and attended a predominately white high school for a duration of their childhood. Furthermore, three of three (100%) WOC respondents lived in a predominately white neighborhood for a duration of their childhood and two of the three (67%) WOC respondents attended a predominately white high school. When analyzing the respondents answers to specific questions regarding the lack of diversity within their immediate spaces, I was able to identify how a lack of diversity shapes the understanding of race, for both WOC respondents and white respondents. Specifically, the WOC respondents are made hyperaware of their race and even singled out for being racially different. The two of three (67%) white respondents embody this lack of diversity in their actions and mentality of their own whiteness. However, I will analyze diversity in a school setting from two respondents, a WOC and a white respondent, to exemplify the importance of integration in
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