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Executive Summary
Geoffrey Chutter, owner of Whitewater Industries, has to relocate his fiberglass moulding business to one of three locations he has in mind due to the need for expansion, complaints of residents nearby the factory while he keeps in mind the importance of his aspects of operating systems. This new factory must at least be 6040 square meters and be in an area with zoning regulations that allow for fiberglass production
Whitewater West Industries has three proposed new locations; [1] the spacious Hiram-Walker plant in Kelowna that needs some land renovations, [2] a complete new build that would result in a perfect building, or [3] a location in Abbotsford that has potential to expand business into many major cities.
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Quantity: This aspect is important to note when relocating to ensure that the size of the plant will have enough room to incorporate any of the current equipment to maintain the same standard of quality, as well as purchasing new equipment with the intention of helping the company expand and increase their sales. A lack of sufficient space to meet demands may result in a loss of revenue.

Price: Price of the products is not really a factor in this relocation, however the company should do its best to keep the total cost of the move within the budget of the company so the price of their fiberglass products does not rise, and potentially losing customers.

Alternative Analysis Whitewater West Industries has three possible relocation options to consider:

Kelowna --- Hiram-Walker Plant
The Hiram-Walker plant is located only 25 kilometers from Kelowna and is the most spacious facility of all three options and will allow them to keep their current workforce. Zoning has already been approved to produce fiberglass since there are no residential buildings right beside the land - this would also solve the problem of residents complaining of the odour coming from the plant. The plant is located close to a major highway so naturally the ease of shipping and receiving products would be increased because of the proximity to major transportation routes. The building is also fire-safe, creating a safer workplace for the staff at WhiteWater West

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