Whitford Middle School Analysis

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Middle School has impacted my life in such a huge way by giving me responsibilities, multiple opportunities for different activities, and lots of friendships. I enjoy being a big part of the school and showing my abilities as a student, in and outside of the classroom environment. I've done student council the past two years at Whitford Middle School, as well as yearbook community the past three years. In my 8th grade year, I have definitely learned multiple qualities and advantages of being a leader. In fact, in my third year of being on the yearbook community, I became the editor who was in charge of everything. That really showed me a lot about myself, and that I really can improve and help Whitford and hopefully Beaverton next year. I like…show more content…
Also, I try to include many others in the way I want to change or exceed something at Whitford, to see different opinions and what the majority of the students really care about. Although I only count as one, my outgoing, yet easygoing personality really helps me lead at Whitford, and will hopefully at Beaverton as well. I'm not the student who sits in class and doesn't talk for 90 minutes, although I do my work efficiently and to the best of my ability. Talking is helpful to me so that I can ask my peers for help, as well as their opinion on something class related. I try my hardest to achieve my goals, as well as pushing myself harder every day. I would like to bring new, unique ideas to Student leadership, and use teamwork to bring even bigger and better ideas for the…show more content…
For example, varieties of colleges and jobs like to see the different activities I was a part of during high school. Also, being on student leadership would help me with job interviews, class discussions, and planning. As of now, I am a leader at Whitford Middle School, and that makes me feel proud of myself to be able to lead the school in such a positive way. In High School, there are even more opportunities in Student leadership than there are in Student council which will hopefully expand my ability to lead. Also, I have always been interested in leadership because I like to take charge of responsibilities and am always on top of my academics. During middle school, leadership has been a great way for me to get more involved with the school and help out in the best way I can. Leadership has already taught me so much, as well as helping me as an individual. I hope to learn more qualities of being a leader and become an overall better person if I get the chance to be on Student leadership at
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