Whitman And Blake Vs. Blake

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Whitman and Blake both use animals to symbolize humankind’s experience of Nature The theme of the work is “Whitman and Blake both use animals to symbolize humankind’s experience of Nature”. To begin with I’d like to tell some information about Whitman and Blake’s life and work. Walt Whitman was an American poet, publicist and reformer of the American poetry. Whitman was the singer of the "world democracy”, positive sciences, love and the association without social borders. He was also an innovator of the free verse. William Blake was an American poet, printmaker and painter. He became well-known for his drawings. The painter carried out all his life in work and poverty and died unrecognized in his own lifetime. So, Whitman and Blake use animals in their works to symbolize humankind’s experience of Nature and compare or distinguish humans from animals. Our task is to analyze in what way they achieve this. In Whitman 's works ideas about naturality that clearing the person accepted space character; any person and any things are apprehended sacred against infinite in time and space of evolution of the Universe. The feeling of relationship with all people and all phenomena of the world is expressed by means of transformation of the lyrical hero into other people and inanimate objects. In his works we can see how humans distinguish from the animals and can find that Whitman is on the side of the animals. With the help of animals ' voices Whitman shows the unhappiness and
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