Who Am I Inquisitive Research Paper

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I am inquisitive and a student. At school I try my hardest to be the best I can be. I am always seeking answers to things that I don't even need to know. I am always asking questions, and I question everything, which can be good and bad. I always want to be the best I can be, and I never settle for anything less. When I don't hold up to my expectations, I look for more. In school, I always want to be the best, even though I know that won't always happen. At school, I am an inquisitive person and a profound student. I love soccer. As I am writing this, I just won the Virginia Jefferson Cup tournament. In the finals, my team and I came from a deficit of two to win. We never gave up, and we scored two goals to tie it up in the last minute.…show more content…
I work my hardest at school and on the field. At school, I never go without preparing for a test. When I have a project, I always work my hardest at it and make sure it is my best. When I see a challenge and an easy route at school, I don't take the easy route. I look for the challenge and try to complete it. I work my hardest to better myself at school and on the field. While playing soccer, I never give half effort. Sometimes I watch my teammates jog back or walk up, but I always run or sprint. When the ball is near me, I work my hardest to separate from my defender and give my teammates an option. I could never not work my hardest. I may have an off day every once and awhile, but I never give up on those days, and I still try. I am a hard worker and a…show more content…
I don't ever take what I have, as I always want more and to be better. For soccer, I always want to play better and get to the next level. I don't settle for a lower level than what I want, and it pays off. Often, I play with the next team up and show my skills. I am never a slacker. On the field and at school, I always do what is needed and more. The thing that I hate most in life are people who try to ride on someone's back to victory. I would never be happy with myself if I was like that, so I always do my best and give my best effort. Finally, I am not a follower. I do not mean this in a bad way like I don't listen to my coaches and teachers, but I mean this in a good way as in I forge my own path and don't do things because other people are doing them. I take into account what I am told by my teachers and coaches, and I apply it to what I am doing in my own way. I am not a settler, a slacker, or a
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