Who Am I? Who I Am?

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Who is Kyle Rudzinski? This question is one that is very complex to answer, and in order to answer it, I must delve into my past, as well as look into my future aspirations. My life hasn’t consisted of numerous significant events that have shaped my life, but rather countless choices over the years that I have made to get me to where I am, and who I am today. After reading My Freshman Year, and viewing the film, Neuland, the outlook that I have of myself and on my life has drastically changed. My Freshman Year revealed to me how much my life has changed since I came to college, and all the choices that I have subconsciously made that have greatly impacted my life, even if I don’t often realize it. Neuland has helped me become more appreciative of the life that I’ve had, as well as allow me to grasp some of the traumatic issues that others have to go through, which further, makes me want to find ways to help those people through their issues in the future. These two media have impacted my interpretations of the world and of myself, but at the same time, haven’t completely changed who I am. So, who exactly am I? The answer to “Who I am” sensibly starts at my birth. On June 15, 1998 at approximately 4:05 in the morning in Albany, New York, I was born. The next few years are obviously absent from my mind because I was too young to comprehend the world around me. However, I learned how lucky I was to grow up in a wonderful home which is the home I still currently live in, in

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