Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

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Who Am I? My name is xxxxxxxxx and I am a woman originally born in the city of xxxxxx, xxxxx. I came to the United States at age five and I recently became xxx years old on my birthday, this past xxxx x, xxxx. As a woman of Hispanic origin, I am very rich in Latin and Central American Indian culture. I grew up with my mom and aunts speaking a derivative of Pig Latin. I have a Spanish style of cooking and mostly all my plates are xxxxxx dishes. I may have grown up in the states all my life, but I’m almost 100% rooted in Spanish customs. As a person, I identify myself as a child of God. Spiritually, I am always seeking knowledge and wisdom since I believe it comes from God. My faith is deeply rooted in my confession, that I am a…show more content…
Many people consider me an IT junkie because I love computers and technology as a whole. I don’t believe we should ever stop learning and acquiring new skills, and growing mentally. I’m always looking for way to challenge myself by taking new classes and giving way to other academic experiences and training. Why Am I Here? Sometimes I think I’m here to simply spread love and encouragement as a human being. When I look around to see so much devastation and difficulty, it touches my heart. Many times I wish I could be the one to touch the life of others, so I give the only thing I have, my optimism. I have gone through many challenges in my life, but I maintain a positive perspective or at least to. It’s my understanding that we won’t see the beauty of dawn, unless we hang on through the darkest of nights. I believe I’m here to expand, achieve, be creative, and pave the way for others as a woman, a minority, and as a believer in the gospel. As a xxxxx, I’m often the only woman on my team or in the region for a particular department. I truly enjoy being the first person in my family to graduate from college and the first one to pursue a Master’s degree. Finally, I believe I’m here to be loved and to receive from others. It’s better to give; however, it feels just as wonderful to receive from others. For many years, I always gave, but forgot how important it is to allow others to contribute to my own personal life.

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