Who Are The Influencers?

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Who are the influencers (leaders) in your life?
Throughout my entire life, I have had the privilege to meet many influential individuals. Some of these individuals have been family, friends, and other individuals. So far, I have only met three very important people. In the beginning, my parents were my first influences. They had taught me to be honest, hard working and responsible. Coming from Mexico at a late age, both my parents were never able to go to school and receive and education. Because of that, they had always encouraged and pushed all their kids to do good and school and become someone.
Second, Mrs. Smith, my elementary third grade teachers. In elementary, I only knew the Spanish dialect. It wasn’t until my third
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Last, Officer Bailey from the Salinas Police Department of California. During high school, I volunteered my afternoon times and some weekends to the local department. There, I met officer Bailey. Officer Bailey enjoyed his line of work and was always committed. I saw that he loved his job, even though at times called for rough decisions. Furthermore, he expressed that we all had a purpose and we needed to be productive individual in society. Moreover, he also had a positive attitude even in the worse of days. Officer Bailey taught me to be confident, which was something I had lacked at the time. I thank him for that very much.
Think of your life purpose. Why are you here and what do you want to accomplish?

In life, I have had many thoughts and ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up and what I wanted to do. As a young child, I was fascinated with animals and wanted to become a veterinarian or a zoo animal trainer. Moreover, growing older, I realized there were other areas and opportunities that I had never given any thought. I learned that I could pursue a career in law school, medicine, law enforcement and much more. In order to pursue one of these careers, I knew that I had to put in the time and effort to obtain an education. During my early adult years, I decided to go into the field of law enforcement. I chose that career because I grew up in a town were crime was always high. The crime was so bad
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