Who Are The Main Characters In The Alchemist

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Enya Xiang
Mr. Murray, B202
8 English Period 4
October 15, 2016
The Reader’s Connection to Santiago
In Paulo Coelho’s novel, The Alchemist, the main character is the thoughtful, adventurous boy named Santiago, a poor Spanish shepard. The story starts when he reaches a fork in the road where he is directed to his Personal Legend, seeking treasure at the Great Pyramids, . After many years of wandering through the countryside with his faithful sheep, he chooses to walk away from this quiet lifestyle. Santiago endures challenges, but he becomes a hero and grow wiser. As the reader follows his story, they pull towards him and relates to him throughout moments in the book.
First, the reader pities and empathizes with Santiago as he suffers losses and adversities. After the King of Salem motivates him to find his Personal Legend, he takes a boat to Africa where he is swindled of his money by a older boy. Santiago is “in a different country, a strange land, here he couldn’t even speak the
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During his journey, he discovers the Soul of the World, a universal, spiritual language and force between everything in the world. Near the end of the book, Santiago is tested on turning himself to wind in three days time or stand the chance of death while traveling through the desert. He speaks to the sun, “I know the Soul of the World, because we have talked at great lengths to each other during this endless trip though the universe” (150). The sun and the wind is unable to turn him into wind and cannot understand him. Though “the winds know everything” and “nature knows (the sun) as the wisest being in creation” (152), Santiago is wiser than them. A moment when I felt clarity was when I realized that adults did not always do the right thing. When the reader reads the book, they understand becoming mature and learning to deeply understand something; the read feel a sense of pride for
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