Who Are Today 's Students?

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Who are today’s students? They are young minds that usually do not prioritize education in the classroom. They prefer to talk, laugh, and even dance around their desks instead of simply sitting quietly and paying attention. Reading is “not their favorite thing” to do. They have a plethora of questions about every topic that pops into their little minds. If you give them an answer, though, it is most likely to be forgotten moments later. To understand today’s students, you must understand them and how they see themselves. Children are very diverse and as students, they become furthermore unique. It is a blessing to watch as each one adds their own spark to classroom and contributes to the learning process for themselves, their peers, and for their community. My experience shadowing Mrs. Low this past week gave me a glimpse of what this process is like from the perspective of a teacher. I focused my reading this week on the topic of disabilities in the classroom. I chose to do this as I witnessed such examples in Mrs. Low’s classroom this past week and then read the chapter from Educational Foundations. The first piece of advise from chapter six that really stuck out to me was how they noted that students do not all learn the same way, especially students with disabilities and other learning differences. The author made it clear that students with learning differences are common and it is not as difficult to help such children succeed academically, despite what was thought
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