Who Are We Without Our Trials And Tribulations?

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Who Are We Without Our Trials And Tribulations?

Fall down seven times, stand up eight. There are some people that will never see you as good enough, but that is their shortcoming, not yours. Sometimes you will never met the expectations of other people. While bettering yourself for you, you will encounter love, loss, and numerous amount of things that will knock you down before you can build yourself back up. If things get too overwhelming, you can always count on your God to build you back up. God won’t give you anything you can’t handle. Each character suffers loss and a life shaping change while in search for themselves and calls on God to help them through it. In the novel “Go Tell It on the Mountain”, James Baldwin uses the
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For he had made his decision. He would not be like his father, or his father’s fathers. He would have another life” (13). John was intrigued by and excelling in education and the life he could lead if he followed a different past. The thought of using his own power that he had to save himself, raise himself, and win the love that he longs for brought solace to him. John’s father, an ambassador for the King of Heaven, wanted him to live as he did. He was spiteful of the white people in education system that John chose. He is the origin of internal conflict for John, stemming hateful opinions of any world outside of the life he has chosen into John’s mind. John recognized that the only way he could come before the Lord and be saved, is to kneel to his father first; he was not at all going to do this.

In the Prayers of The Saints, we learned about Gabriel, Elizabeth, and Florence past life. The relationship between Gabriel and Florence was very bitter, and though they would never admit it, they needed each other. Florence had to sacrifice her education for Gabriel; he was seen as more deserving of school because he was a male in society during that time period. Most of her time was spent taking care of her mother and their household, while Gabriel was out drinking and causing disturbances around town. Finally, Florence had enough and she bought herself a plane ticket to New York. “You can’t go,” he said. You can’t go.
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