Who Burns For The Perfection Of Paper By Espada Analysis

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America is the land where dreams manifest into reality. Dreams ranging from fame, wealth, or the simple quality of living in peace. But the American Dream more than that. The American Dream is the idea that American can provide opportunities for those who attempt to prosper through hard work. The American Dream is widely discussed amongst American citizens. Everyone trying to cement a definition and determine the likeliness of actually achieving the American Dream. Altercations which try validate the American Dream as unattainable or the multitude who say the dream is ubiquitous. The American Dream isn’t some intangible myth. It has the ability to physically manifest into reality if, put forth the effort. The American Dream is still feasible because, hard work incessantly leads to success, America…show more content…
The lifestyle everyone strives for isn’t just delivered on a platter with appetizers. The American Dream lifestyle dwells upon a slippery mountaintop awaiting those who work towards it. Determination and perseverance are required components to achieve the American Dream. Hard work continually navigates these American dreamers achieve their goals. In the poem, “Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper”, written by Martin Espada, the speaker conveys the fact that perseverance and hard work will doubtlessly guide you closer the American Dream, The speaker depicts, “Then the glue would sting, hands oozing till both palms burned at the punch clock” (Espada 73). The speaker has endured the agony of manufacturing legal paper pads. It’s a mind dulling, arduous job the speaker took in order to finance his expenses. The speaker further supports, “Ten years later, in law school, I knew that every legal pad was glued with the sting of hidden cuts,
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