Who Came First

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Generation after generation have asked the question of “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” and the question still is argued and unanswered. While it doesn’t seem like an important argument it boils down to the question of “Who serves whom?”. The same question also applies to the local and federal governments: “Which came first?” and “Who serves whom?”. Ultimately, both are needed and important in creating a healthy government for our country, but who should have the final word? I believe the Federal government was not meant to control the local government, but was intended to act as a system of checks and balances. In the “Scopes Trial” of 1925, John Scopes, a Tennessee science teacher, was accused of violating…show more content…
And is it unconstitutional to place restrictions on what teachers and/or students can say in the classroom? Who draws the line or is there a line? My sister works for the public school system in Oklahoma and they have signs posted in their school that say that people using foul language on campus can be fined up to one hundred dollars or even arrested. Is this denying a person's freedom of speech or is this a healthy boundary for the safety of their students? And who decides what is foul language? There are so many questions to be asked and answered. Who has the final…show more content…
It also prohibits the government from favoring any specific religion. With today’s issues of equal rights, religious freedom, and terrorism things get a little hairy. A few hundred years ago, the Constitution seemed to answer all the questions and everything seemed so black and white, but things are changing and as Abraham Lincoln taught us, things aren’t always black and white. This is where Federalism comes in. Federalism says that state and federal powers are supposed to be shared, meaning they were meant to work together kind of like a marriage. Marriage is when two people promise to work together as equals for the good of both parties. Many marriages today, sometimes like our government, are one party dominant, but this is not the best way. Other marriages today, sometimes like our government, are driving around town for two hours trying to decide where to eat because neither party can please the other. Again, this is not the best way. For our country to succeed we must work together for the good of the individual and the good of the
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