Who Can We Blame?

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Who 's to Blame? Have you been a victim of the so called “ fast food obesity outbreak”? You 're not the only one. In today 's society this so called “fast food induced obesity” is a huge controversy concerning many countries today in time. The common culprits of the obesity issue is fast food, school lunch, and unhealthy food people consume at home. Who can we trust? Well many people believe that the consumer should not be responsible for their actions when it comes to consuming fast food, which is seen in this piece “ Don 't blame the eater,” by David Zinczenko. Throughout his essay he explains his reasoning with many hard facts and personal stories about fast food insufficient food labels and how they’re causing multiple health implications. Is that really the issue, though? Clearly the fast food industry has to take some of the blame for this problem,but they are not the direct cause. Therefore fast food is not a direct cause of “ Fast food related illness,” and obesity in America. Look around and see all the news and articles concerning the health risk of eating fast food in America and even other countries. In fact, the fast food is truly killing us. They leave out important warnings and try to hide important nutritional facts that counteract the ways of trying to eat healthy. The fast food companies should be taking responsibility for what they are doing to their customers. Zinczenko says “If you pour what you 've been served, you 're suddenly up around 1,040
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