Who Cares About Writing?

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Why would anyone care about writing anyway? It’s only the single most important form of communication, outside of verbal. Writing is an underestimated and misunderstood art. Yet it is so widely used and taken advantage of. By “taking advantage,” I mean the improper uses of the language. But really, who cares? So many use it, but no one takes into consideration how important the usage of words are and what they have the power to do. I don’t think the question should be ‘Why would anyone care?’ But moreover, ‘Who cares?’ Because if we don’t know the who of who cares about writing, how can we know the why? In analyzing who really cares about writing I didn’t come up with many individuals or groups of people. I found that…show more content…
I’ll tell you who cares about writing the most: The person who is reading, the consumer. Consumers take time out of their busy schedules to read, or listen to music.
I’ve always though that the person who wrote or produced some form a writing would generally care about it more than anyone else. I was about fifteen when I realized this wasn’t true. Since I was about seven years old, and had won a writer’s award at school, my mom was convinced that she would read everything that I ever wrote. Every paper I wrote, every note I passed, every diary entry I sealed, and every yearbook I signed, she read it and I’m almost positive she still has it. There was this one instance when she found a note that I wrote, needless to say, she was not happy it. After she made me read out loud to her, I was bold enough to ask her why she was so interested in what I was writing. She responded by saying: “Because I care.” I was thinking to myself, ‘Well could care a little less? I don’t even care enough to want to read the note over.’ It turned out to be a lesson learned. Now it all makes sense. Writers, of any sort, don’t right to reiterate to themselves how they feel. They already know! They produce art to be


So who cares about writing anyway? “..A book that was dead of language to the uneducated passenger but which told its mind to me

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