Who Caused Macbeth 's Ill Fate : The Witches Or Himself?

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Who Caused Macbeth’s Ill Fate: the Witches or Himself?
The concept of witchcraft has been around for thousands of years; it can be seen in many diverse areas of our daily lives. Take for example children’s stories – several books/movies use a witch as their main antagonist. Where did witches begin? To answer this question, witches have been around as long as there has been a devil in religious tales. Sometimes, they are not even called ‘witches’ in certain religions, but you can be sure that each religion has its own idea of witchcraft or devil worship.
The late 1500s into the early 1700s were a time when witches became increasingly popular. Women accused of witchcraft were blamed for the slightest happenings that occurred in villages and towns: illness, death, infidelity, etc. Religious wrong-doers frequently blamed the witch and her spells for corrupting their mind with evil and wicked nature. It is commonly known that when a person was found to be a ‘witch’ they were taken to trial where they would have to defend themselves to the accusations brought against them. Many women were asked to recite verses from the bible as it was believed that those who sold their souls to Satan would perish if they uttered the righteous words of the Lord, God. This was a difficult task for anyone to attempt. Not many people were able to recite specific verses off the top of their head. Others who were able to recite the verses were put to other tests, one of the most…
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