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Nehal Housny Basic Composition Kathy Wilford November 5, 2012 Who Decides? Medical Technologies (MT) is an essential factor when it comes to science . However, there seems to be a misunderstanding on who should have the power to control its use.The three most common figures that are usually involved in controlling MT’s are the government, doctors, and society.Each representative has its own advantages and disadvantages .In both essays ,”The Made to Order Savior” by Lisa Belkin and “Who Holds the Clicker” by Lauren Slater , medical technology procedures are executed yet controlled and regulated differently. Every figure has its own guidelines as to how to control this technology and at times there was no control…show more content…
The doctor does not desire power or management to cure a patient. Instead, a doctor needs experience, passion, and the will to decide when and how to use medical technology. In both Belkin and Slaters’ essays the government is seen as an obstacle to allow the doctors be in control of their own job. Government is looking for ways on how to control the people regardless if it is providing funds or not. Peoples lives should not be based on what the governments’ visions are . The use of medical technology should stand in the hands of the doctors with no pressure included.Neurosurgeon Rees Cosgrove stated “If we do not do this right and carefully, and , you know properly... I do not think we will have another opportunity”(242). There is a certain amount of pressure on the doctors shoulders’ to perfect these experiments and devices. Because there is no time for trial and error doctors are not able to test the procedure several times before actually executing it . “There are no animal models of DBS for anxiety or depression, so these forays into the human brains are largely unguided despite all the high tech equipment”(242). Once again, government is limiting the doctors’ options creating less precise results for their research. Spending so much time with anyone creates a certain level of attachment, let alone between a doctor and his or her patient.This attachment or bond can expedite the curing period of a patient. For
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