Who Developed The APA Style?

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1. Who developed the APA Style? Why was the APA style developed?
APA style was developed by social and behavioral scientists to standardize scientific writing.

2. APA research papers are divided into different sections? What are they?
APA research papers are divided into the following sections:
- Title page
- Abstract
- Introduction
- Method
- Results
- Discussions
- References
- Appendices

3. Download any article of interest, and using your knowledge of the APA style, critique the paper to see if the author(s) used the APA style accurately. Support your answer with scholarly evidences.
My area of interest is GIS where in an article titled “Volunteered Geographic Information and Crowd sourcing Disaster Relief: A Case Study of the Haitian Earthquake” which can be found at this link here
I’ve uploaded the pdf critiqued separately for reference
The paper did not follow these as per my observation
- No double spacing
- List of figures and tables not mentioned
- List of abbreviations not mentioned
The paper had the following:
- Levels of heading properly followed
- Title, abstract, introduction, citations properly done
- Figures and tables properly labeled
- Header, footer and page numbers present and indentation properly done
- APA citation followed in references (in text citation appropriately done, web references and magazine references appropriately done )
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