Who Did It? Who Started World War I?

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However, the glory ended in 1914 when Europe got itself into one of the biggest wars ever: World War I. In the late 19th century, European leaders thought they could keep peace in Europe if they created a balance of power between the major countries of Europe such as, England, Russia, France, and Germany. Otto Von Bismarck, a Prussian Chancellor, had an uneasy view of this peace because Germany was unfortunately between Russia and France. In order to not ever fight a war with these two powers, Bismarck tried to negotiate with them but failed. This lead him to become allies with Austria-Hungary and Italy. This group became known as the Triple Alliance. In response, another alliance was formed called the Triple Entente with France, Russia, and Great Britain. Tension arose between these countries but nothing could compare with the tension within countries such as in the Balkans. Nationalism was rising in Serbia, an area in the Balkans, and they wanted to be separated from Austria-Hungary who controlled them. The Serb’s plan to get them away was to assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Their plan in killing the archduke succeeded but the event gave rise to a chain reaction that no one could have expected.The Austrian government, furious with the Serbians, asked for Germany’s help if they were to go to war and the Serbians, to protect themselves, asked Russia. This brought in many more countries because of the alliances…

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