Who Do Not Study The Past, The Great American Philosopher And Historian George Santayana

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Melissa Lichota

“Those who do not study the past, the great American philosopher and historian George Santayana once observed, are condemned to repeat it.” (Schmidt, 1) This is not only true for the present we live in today, but is held true for the future tomorrow. In 2010 Haiti was hit with traumatic earthquake that has still left 150,000 people not re-housed and live in tents. “It was devastating because a history of adverse social conditions and extreme ecological fragility primed Port-au-Prince for massive loss of life and destruction when the ground began shaking on January 12th.” (Farmer, 3) The history of Haiti has caused the country a great struggle to rebuild after the earthquake and the 1825 settlement between Haiti and France, the occupation of Haiti from 1915 to 1934, and the Duvalier dictatorships from 1957 to 1986 events prove that history has a substantial impact upon the future after a devastating “natural” disaster.
Haiti’s independence created new difficulties and led to a spiral of independent debt. “The prospect of slave rebellion terrified every slave-holding elite and now their own restless slaves had a bloody example to emulate.” (Phillips, 4) Other colonies relied heavily on slave labor and could not risk losing property, which resulted in Haiti being quarantined to hide the independence. Slave plantations in Haiti were French owned, but when the country became independent the French lost property, or slaves, and forced…
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