Who Do You Consider a Hero in In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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Who do you consider a hero?, a doctor, firemen, policemen, parents, guardians, or maybe someone that dies for what they believes in, for example Martin Luther King jr. , soldiers , and even the Mirabal sisters. In the book "In the Time of Butterflies" Julia Alvarez not only tells the story of the girls, but how they fought for what they believed in and became the heroes we know today. She paints a vivid picture of their lives, and the struggles they all had to face brought on by Trujillo. Out of all these girls I believe Minerva was the most heroic, because she was passionate,a wanderlust , and she always looked at things from a wide-range perspective. I consider Minerva to be passionate because she always seemed to overthink…show more content…
pg12. In this quote Minerva compares herself to a rabbit, just wanting to be free, wanting to know what's really out there in the world, dreaming about want freedom actually looks like. Another amazing quality about Minerva is that she always looked at the whole picture, a wide-range perspective of things. As I read In the Time of the Butterflies I noticed that Minerva seemed to have a wide-range perspective of things, stepping back to see the whole picture. "Sinita's story spilled out like blood from a cut.", Minerva stated pg 16. As you can see Minerva describes Sinita's story as a. It because it seemed very deep and never ending,very painful to her like a cut or wound. " I turned into the dirt path and crashed into the ford, making the bumper curl up and shattering the window in the back. Then I came down on that horn until he appeared, shirtless and furious in the doorway.", Minerva stated pg 59. In this quote you can tell that Minvera is quite upset, as she describes in detail how she crashed into the ford. Minerva's qualities make her who she truly is, a hero. she was passionate, a wanderlust, and she had a wide-range perspective. She fought for what she believed in, never giving up, dying for her beliefs, making her a hero to me and other young ladies like her or in her position. She also seemed to be the only sister who challenged Trujillo, she wasn't afraid of him. Now the question is , do you consider Minerva a hero or just a girl who believed
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