Who Do You Think You Are?

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"Who Do You Think You Are?"
Think about "how" you have come to believe you possess those traits. What specific person or event has influenced your thinking about each trait? Finally analyze what aspects you like & dislike about yourself. What would you like to keep, change, or improve about your self-concept? Be sure to incorporate terms and concepts from the text and lectures in your analysis - note the page in parentheses like this (p.89) of terms/concepts that support your writing.
Accurately portraying a self-image of who I am is very important, but it is not easy at all. The real “self” is not just about “me” but about “us”. That is, how I see myself compared to how other people think and feel about me as well (p. 54). Positive self-concept is an important element in our communication process and understanding it will contribute to our success in communication. In addition to self-concept, our perceptions in interpersonal communication are very important as well; the perception is how we describe ourselves to others; it influences our communication choices (p. 63) and can be distorted by our stereotypes and prejudices. With what being introduced about self-concept and perceptions and to understand them, I would like to share with you about who I think I am.
Main paragraphs:
1. How would you describe your physical condition and/or appearance? (tall, short, attractive, weak, strong, muscular, etc.)
Being an Asian, I am an average man in height and…

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