Who Does Not Like Chocolate?

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Who does not like Chocolate? Considering that us Americans are the biggest consumers of chocolate in the world, we just cannot get enough of it. We devour the most chocolate on our national holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s day, but have you ever wondered where in the world does all this chocolate come from? The main ingredient for making chocolate is cocoa and it does not come sugar coated. Cocoa is can be good but in some many ways it can be harmful because, our purchase of cocoa is making our national debt higher, that people that produce the cocoa are child slaves, and to much chocolate is just not good for one’s health. American consumers are the biggest customer for the average chocolate bar. The American population is one of the main reasons why the chocolate industry is racking up the billions of dollars per year. The main days or events where Americans spend the most chocolate is holidays of course, those being Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. As most people know the week leading up to Halloween is where the most candy is sold especially chocolate with around 90 million pounds of chocolate sold in the United States alone. With an average chocolate bar being around 78 cents. That is roughly $724,464,000 on chocolate alone. That in most people that can barely muster enough food on their tables every night is a lot of money to spend on candy for a couple of days that just gives most of our kid’s cavities and rotten teeth. Valentine’s day is

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