Who Doesn 't Have Military Experience?

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Mike: You know I really think that you can never care too much or have too much concern for your people because you know whether it 's the military and you 're putting them in a position that they 're putting their lives on the line I was never a combat commander but certainly that was the military that I was in that was the culture I was in and certainly if I was ever put in that position. I hope I would have been able to do the right thing and yet you know I will always find it interesting that I think it 's a person who doesn 't have military experience who thinks that the military leaders think that way. They 're the last person that wants to put their troops in harm 's way. But they 're also the person that will have the discipline to …show more content…

We 're all doing all we care about each other and again I think that 's a result of a culture that the leader creates and I 've never seen a winning culture that isn 't founded based on unbelievable caring about the livelihood of wellness of everybody. I 've never been a part of an organization that has that is truly a championship performance that really doesn 't love each other.
That 's so that everything that I know about him. I can have actually brought up a very nice transition. Mike the second is that caring and we talk about caring about the individual as well as caring about the mission to be accomplished and it 's obvious that mission accomplishment is very important to anybody in leadership position you 're trying to accomplish a task that you can accomplish by yourself and so you need a team …. Coach. It makes you victors and maybe team development or military leader. Maybe seizing objected to a business leader. Maybe increasing profits or selling a company or any one of a number of different objectives. Does this mission accomplishment relate as well to caring about the individuals or what 's more important is that is it mission. You know let 's get the Mission Accomplished memo we 're going to care about you later or how does that balance for you.
Mike: Yeah again I still think that you know the mission as a leader of the mission have to be paramount that meth what we 're paid to do at

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