Who Don 't Take Everything?

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In today’s modern society, individual’s beliefs and principles are spread through a variety of ways. Everything we understand can be derived from a friend, parent, blogger, or even a news anchor who spread common ideologies without questioning their validity. However, in every society, there are those who don’t take everything they hear to be true. These people, known as thinkers, question familiar beliefs and provoke thinking in a new light. Born of humble beginnings, Socrates was one of those thinkers and thought differently than most. Most of his life was spent fearlessly questioning the told truth and provoking new wisdom in others. A man studied by so many, Socrates based many of his ideologies around his religion. Like Socrates, Stephen Colbert is a religiously oriented thinker who courageously speaks out without regard for his reputation in society. Colbert also has great patriotism for the United States as did Socrates for Classical Athens. There are obvious similarities in Colbert’s way of critical thinking and his use of persuasion, skepticism and activism to that of Socrates.
Born in Classical Athens, Socrates was raised in a society that respected the teachings of the Greek Gods and those who considered themselves wise. Socrates’ mission “was to expose the ignorance of those who thought themselves wise and try to convince his fellow citizens that every man is responsible for his own moral attitudes” (Plato, iv). Socrates sought to teach the common man the value
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