Who Exactly Is Redeemed?

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Who exactly is redeemed? Throughout this essay, I have spoken as though redemption is for 'us ' and it is 'our ' salvation that Barth and Jantzen are discussing. The next issue to address is who exactly is this 'us '. Is it the whole of humanity? Is it Christians alone? Or is it an elect few? Barth regularly discussed the flaws of 'man ' and how it is 'man ' whom Jesus saves.123 Although it shall be assumed when Barth refers to 'man ' instead of 'a man ', he will be discussing the entire of humanity, his choice of language alone poses issues in his theology. However, this is a complex matter and will be discussed shortly. Ambiguity is found again in Barth 's writings in his consistent writing of “we” and “our”.456 He does not…show more content…
Despite God desiring all to be saved, salvation is possible for those who do profess Christ as Lord. God in His omniscience knows of all will and do believe, therefore, it could be considered that there is an elect few who are gifted salvation (Matthew 22:14, James 2:5, 1 Thessalonians 1:4). As previously mentioned, Barth 's theory of who specifically is redeemed could be considered unequivocal as he is never specific. However, he could be dependent on the recipients of his writings to have a working knowledge of the Bible. Therefore, it appears Barth presents that all those who believe in Jesus have salvation and it is the duty of the Christian Church to spread the word. Various issues arise when contemplating who Jantzen proposes who is redeemed. This is because, as discussed, her idea of what salvation is differs largely from many classic theologians and from scripture. She does present a parable of St Paul telling a jailor that to receive freedom, he needs to believe in Jesus Christ.11 However, this is only to bring attention to its inappropriate nature in context. Therefore, it is reasonable to assert that she does not hold the same opinion as Barth that all those who believe in Christ are redeemed. This is not to suggest that she believes that not all Christians have salvation, but instead that
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