Who Goes? Who Stays?

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Communication to existing employee and management right after merge

Employee communication Strategy In HBR case study “Who Goes, Who Stays?” Steve and Kasper lack on important communication with the employees. They should have begun communicating with their employees as soon as possible in the merger process. Should have considered informing them of company desire to merge with, acquire or be acquired by another company before they begun searching for a counterpart to the deal, if possible. They should have given employees plenty of time to provide feedback about the deal and make personal and career arrangements, if necessary. Any type of change is challenging for most employees, and being part of an acquisition or merger can
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Not telling your troops the “truth” will change Be honest. Tell employees that you don’t have all the answers now and that the truth will change from day to day. Help them understand the volatility of the situation. Solution: An effective communication to employees about strategy, targets, and initiatives is vital if employees are to contribute to the strategy. A merger is an agreement between the owners of two companies to combine the operations and brands of both companies into a new, single entity (Merge ahead, 2012). An acquisition occurs when one company purchases and either absorbs or sells another business, with or without the approval or the company's leadership. Mergers and acquisitions affect the employees of all companies involved in a number of ways, making effective and timely employee communication vital to ensuring that the transition flows as smoothly as possible. Given these challenges, it is essential to keep the following points in mind when planning and managing communication during a merge and acquisition.

Flow Diagram Retrieved from: Reflection on M&A, 2007

Discovery Different types of deals drive very different messages about the possibility, content and effect of change. Be very specific with employees when talking about likely outcomes and possible
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