Who Goes with Fergus

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Who Goes With Fergus This poem is about the dichotomy of the thinker and the actor. Yeats, in love with Maud Gonne, was the thinker, the courtly lover -- the one who would "brood upon love's bitter mystery." Yeats was Mr. Nice Guy. Yet Yeats wanted to be the actor - the alpha male - the Fergus. Note the sexualized subtext that permeates the poem, who will "pierce the deep wood's woven shade"? Who will "drive" with Fergus. Finally, we get the reasons to be the alpha male - the man of action, in the repetition of the word "rules." The alpha commands and takes what he wants. • I'm not sure if Fergus is man or God as the last four lines talks of his rule over woods,sea and stars. Well for me Yeats is asking his readers to model Fergus's…show more content…
“Thought,” as represented by the tower, cannot distinguish “darkness from the soul.” In a later poem Yeats says the tower is “half dead at the top.” If we see the tower as an individual, as a source of knowledge, this would seem to imply that there is no more original thought there. If, on the other hand, we see the tower as a phallic symbol, it has become impotent. posted by:Kurdish guy, B.A.M From college of language(Hawler)2010. As Yeats matures in life, the focus goes from what the wotld is doing and what he can do. In other words, he focuses on the meaning of his life, this is shown in the poem a Dialogue of Self and Soul. A dialogue of Self amd Soul is broken down into two parts. The first part is the actuall dialogue between self and soul. The soul is driven by the past or acient events. The self is the reaction to the soul. In this poem Yeats soul can be describe as " think of ancestral knight, that can, if but imagination scorn the earth and infellect its wondering." The self of Yeats in this play is describe as " the wooden scabbard found and wound, can, tattered, still protect, faded adorn." In the second part of this poem his self is only expressed. The self and soul have become a whole. You can conclude from this poem that a person has matured,self-actualization is obtained. For example, in this poem Yeats says " I am content to follow to its source every
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