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Gomez, Javier Father Gregory Boyle’s Tattoos of the Heart, tells of his experiences during the time he served in Homeboy Industries and of how he saw God’s work in those who felt as if they had no hope in becoming better people nor getting better lives, and how things turned around for them. In this book, he teaches gangsters that the Kingdom of God is for everyone, that it is never too late to start a loving relationship with Him, and that they are always welcome to come back to their Creator. Father Gregory, more fondly called as “G”, demonstrates this act of bringing shalom by using theology, in his own manner, to influence his actions, way of thinking, and words. Father Gregory had served as an associate pastor at the poorest parish in Los Angeles, the Dolores Mission Church, since from 1984-1958. After his service there, he was tasked to serve in a student service program, however, his trip to aid the poor in Bolivia, where he gained the desire to help the poor. He was sent back to Dolores Mission instead as a pastor. There in Dolores Mission, he was able to learn about the lives of the gang members. He witnessed their violence towards one another, how it affected how they lived and acted towards one another, and how people knew that it was a toxic community to live it. Back then, the church would be known to segregate the “good” from the “bad”, meaning, the gang members were not always…
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