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The being of who has influenced the many people in this world, is Jesus Christ. With over 2 billion followers, Jesus Christ and his name is connected with the devotional feelings of two hundred millions of the race of mankind. Christianity also has played an influential role in history. It has developed out of Judaism. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, considered the Son of God by the Christian denominations. Christians can trace their founding date within a year or so to the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection in about the year 30 AD (ReligionFacts). What is Christianity? How did it spread? Who is Jesus? What happened to him?
Jesus Christ, born a Jew in the Roman province of Palestine was born to a Jewish couple, Mary and
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An angel had appeared to them and notified them that Jesus was alive and believed that he had been reissued from the dead, and so they came to understand that he was a new kind of Messiah. Jesus died and arose from the dead, and so this was known as his resurrection. This may seem true because those nations that had practiced Christianity in the past have for the most part separated religion from social aspects of life. Nevertheless, the current business practices of the western world have been influenced by Christianity in subtle ways.
Christianity began as a movement within Judaism during the first century C.E. As reported in the New Testament (BBC). Together they ministered to the poor and outcast in present-day Israel and Palestine. Around the year 30 C.E., Jesus was arrested and executed by the Roman governor. However, Jesus’ followers claimed that he rose from the dead; they came to believe that he was the Son of God and that his death and resurrection saved them from their sins (Breuilly 45). This is where the holy book comes into view. The Christian’s holy book is the Bible, a diverse collection of traditional teachings which was written by different people. It was divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament (Breuilly 46). The Christians believe that the Old Testament contains the witness of God. The writings now included as the New Testament in the Christian bible was chosen and agreed by the early church around CE 380. Both the

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