Who Has Moral Responsibility For Deciding What You Do? Essay

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Who has moral responsibility for deciding what to do? In this case we are introduced to Ben Freeman, an employee at the Provincial Power Corporation (PPC) for the past three years. Ben has found himself in the ethical dilemma of whether or not to steal the five hundred dollar holiday bonus fund from his work. Ben desperately needs this money in order to pay off his gambling debt and protect his physical wellbeing from the gangsters he borrowed from. His plan is to steal the holiday bonus fund and frame one of his coworkers Sue Macdonald in order to divert suspicion away from him. Ben knows that if he is caught stealing the money, he will surely lose his job. Seeing as how Ben is the only moral agent in his choice to steal the fund or not, Ben is the only person who can be held morally responsible for his decision. The plan to potentially steal the fund is Ben’s plan alone, and requires him to act alone as well. Under these circumstances there is no doubt that is Ben solely morally responsible for his decision. Whose interests must we consider? In this case there are multiple people whose interests must be taken into account. Bens four co-workers, his boss Mary Jenks, the creditors to whom Ben owes money and Ben himself all hold moral standing. However, while all of Ben’s co-workers hold moral standing he plans to specifically frame Sue Macdonald for the theft which must be taken into account. Ben works with four other employees in his department at the Provincial
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